Contractors to help members maintain their meadows / grassland

 We are aware that members may need help with managing their meadows, boundaries, gates etc or may want a pond or access created. We have prepared an initial list of contractors and would encourage anyone who knows of any contractor who may be of use to inform us so that we can add their name to this list. In particular we would like to hear of anyone who can deal with small scale haymaking, sickle bar mowing or who have small “flying flocks” for grazing.

Dean Meadows Group would like to emphasise that individuals must make their own arrangements with paid contractors as we cannot take responsibility for other people’s arrangements and work.

Suggestions so far include:-


Craig Adams   (Popes Hill) 07939 232506 Haymaking (smaller machinery), Grazing.
Mark Sealey    (Flaxley) 07970 369987 Haymaking, Agricultural Contractor.
Clive Davies    (Rodley) 01452 760284 Grazing (sheep)
Paul Moore (Drybrook) 07732 950619 Hedge cutting, Baling (Big and Small), Mowing, Turning, Topping
Dawn Cracknell  (Tidenham) 07836 581293  Haymaking, Agricultural Contractor.  (may have access to small baler)
Martin Bingham (Longhope) 07786 413179 Anything for small fields except hedge trimming – does haymaking with small baler
Jeff Stephens (Westbury) 01452 760888 07778 169412 Agricultural services incl small baler
Longhope Livery, Mike Casperson



Owain Rees

07833 645062




Pasture management of all types and haymaking (including small bale hay)

Has an alpine tractor and 5ft flail, can do banks up to 45 degrees, thick growth,  strimming and chain saw work. Also does a wood forwarding service for those with woodland and no tractor, along with a log splitter




Joseph Rose    (Blakeney) 07882 101819 Strimming, Brushcutting, Light and Rough Mowing, Chainsaw Work, Fencing
 Simon Johnson 07941 58618101594 842634


 Any work involving hedges , coppicing and trees from.planting maintenance (including follow up clearing and poisoning) and felling
Chris Bligh (Newent/Kempley) 01531 890332 07974 974862 Grasscutting (including coarse habitat), Woodland and Hedge Management. Project manager of wild daffodil and biodiversity habitat management within Dymock Forest Rural Action (DyFRA).
190cc rotary mower (not self propelled) £15 per
Richard Clayson (Westbury) 07770 554018 Hedge laying, Fencing, Logs
Jo Harries (Monmouth/Coleford) 07712 438662 Woodland Management, Tree Work,Coppicing, Hedge Planting, Strimming, Fencing
Simon Cleeve (Raglan) 07973 953452 Compact tractor ideal for difficult fields, Reseeding, Cultivating, Flailing.
David Lucas (Devauden) 01291 650750 Forestry wood supplies,Hedge Laying.
Mark Sealey (Flaxley) 07970 369987 Hedge Flail, Agricultural Contractor.
Dawn Cracknell (Tidenham)


07836 581293 Hedge Flail, Agricultural Contractor.



To source suppliers of Fruit Trees from Gloucestershire varieties refer to the Gloucestershire Orchard Trust website (

Bob and Liz Taylor, Park Farm Nursery (Newent) 01531 820620 Hedging, Woodland Trees


Brandon Tool Hire (Ross) 019897 67654 Can order a Finger Bar Mower (Allen Scythe / Sickle Bar Mower) 2012 prices £48 + del. +VAT
Ermin Plant Hire (Ross) 01989 566729 Can order a “Trackmaster”  multi-purpose tool, tough flailmower 2012 prices £115 per day

GLOUCESTERSHIRE ORCHARD TRUST Skilled Orchard Practitioners for advice/ pruning/trees etc can be found by following the link


Collecting seed from other group members is easy to do, either on a plant by plant basis, or by sweeping a meadow with a butterfly net when seeds are ripe. Hay meadow seed  can often be collected from the bottom of feeders when local wild flower meadow hay is fed to livestock.

Plant Wild ( 01531 670797 07880 730880 Keith is setting aside seed from The Meeting House, Flaxley this year (2012) for members to buy


David Mason ( based in Tidenham) – 07791 510880

Chris Hodges (Coleford) – 01594 833784