Dean Meadows Group has just been formed in 2012 with the intention of boosting our meadows and everything to do with them. Apart from the Parish Grasslands Project at St Briavels, little is known of how many meadows there might be across the Dean and what state they are in.

The next date to be aware of is Saturday April 21st when there will be  guided walks round the meadows of
The Meeting House, Flaxley and a chance to meet the steering group and have a say in how the group develops. 
Meet at 2:00PM at Flaxley Schoolrooms GL14 1JR

Meadows can be large fields, bits of orchard, parts of a garden, flowery roadside verges or just grass waiting to be allowed to turn into something wonderful. The Group is interested in all sorts of grasslands.

Put another way our mission is to promote the conservation and appreciation of native local wildflowers in the Forest of Dean, to improve and increase their habitat in hay meadows, grass lands, unimproved pastures, orchards and other places. This in turn will benefit a wide range of creatures from butterflies to birds and bats.

Our members will get expert advice on management if they have their own ground, learn more about flowers and wildlife, see other people’s meadows and , no doubt, hear really interesting talks.