Links – Wildlife Groups

Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust – Clarke’s Pool Meadow is stunning and worth visiting several times over the season.

Gloucestershire Orchard Trust – For info and purchasing Gloucestershire varieties, for fruit if you fancy a go at cider or perry, for advice re planning to protect old orchards.

Monmouthshire Meadows Group – see their open days at wonderful meadows on the other side of the Wye, evening meetings and talks.

Parish Grasslands Project – also have open days and several owners who keep sheep, great booklet on local wildflowers, walks booklets and management guides.

Plantlife – splendid reseve at Joan’s Hill Farm ( 46 acres) just over into Herefordshire, national “Save our Meadows” campaign, Coronation Meadows and road verges campaign. ,

Gwent Wildlife Trust – still fighting against a possible new road over the Gwent Levels, do visit Magor Marsh.

Herefordshire Nature Trust – Lugg Meadows with 115 acres are the most important surviving Lammas meadows in the UK, goes back to the medieval open field system.

Flora Locale – training courses on meadow creation and management, publications.

Botanical Society of the British Isles – threatened plants project, roadside verge project and much much more.

River of Flowers – linking wildlife sites for better conservation.
 The Wild Flower Society –  the only national society created specifically for amateur botanists and wild flower lovers in the UK.
Herefordshire Botanical Society
We are a group of people who delight in wild plants and welcome visitors to any of our meetings.