DMG Members have been sent an email inviting them to join the online Forum.

Members will be able to post and respond to requests for advice, for help from other local members ( e.g. mutual bracken clearing/ loan of tools/ grazing ), contract work etc. Also you will be able to post pictures for identification or just for mutual interest.

The forum is intended as a benefit for members and only members can participate though others can view what’s going on. The forum will only be managed or moderated in extreme cases so we rely on members to use it sensibly and courteously.

How to participate in the members forum

Reply to the invitation and your email will be entered into the membership list. Once given the go ahead, click on this link and you will receive an email inviting you to participate.  The email will include instructions on how to join.  Once you have signed up you will be able to participate in the forum via the ‘GroupSpaces’ site.

Note: we do not pay any fees to use the ‘GroupSpaces’ site, however ‘GroupSpaces’ does take the opportunity to advertise its services in the welcome email.